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IMS Monthly seminars

The Institute for Management Studies monthly one-day seminars in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metro area provide access to some of the world's leading management thinkers. Participants interact with the distinguished speakers, maximize peer interaction and have network opportunities across organizations. 


provide access to leading edge educators for in-house programs

We provide access to the highest level leadership development  experts and consultants in the nation.  We will connect you to the educator that best meets your company's specific needs and assist managing the selection process.


E-Learning & microlearning solutions for employee performance 

Godwin Leadership Consulting also offers access to over 2000 video lessons designed to deliver actionable information in 5 minutes or less. Learn directly from expert coaches who have done the research, written the books and implemented their ideas around the world.


image consulting | Coaching

corporate presentations

The Image Strategy works directly with companies who want to invest in their most valuable asset, their employees.  Our one-on-one coaching services and interactive seminars educate key employees and high potential leaders about their image, personal brand and appropriate workplace attire.  

We offer multi-generational programs that address the different perceptions these groups have regarding overall image, workplace attire and communication.

The way you look and the image you present directly effects whether or not you will have the opportunities necessary to reach your goals. No matter how hard you work or how smart you are, you will not be able to achieve ultimate success without putting the entire package together.  

Understanding the components that make up your professional image and having a strategy to improve those skills will help you develop confidence, maximize your strengths and assure that you have a seat at the table.

image consulting services include:

     personal branding

     executive presence

     communication skills

     workplace attire | dress code revisions